About us

Founded in Queensland in 2013, Trailworx is one of Australia’s most respected trail building companies, devoted to recreational trail building from the very beginning.

Our Vision

We envision a world that can immerse themselves in nature, by creating access, recreation, and interaction with outdoor spaces and the environment.

Our Mission

to provide professional, creative, and sustainable end user experiences for land managers across Australia.

We put so much consideration and planning into every detail. As users of these trails ourselves, we want to create the best possible experience for our communities to enjoy and future generations for years to come.”
- Pete Wilson, Managing Director

Our values

Tread lightly

We go about our work with minimal impact and footprint.

Appreciate the why

Our focus is on why our client has engaged us and the legacy our works will leave for them.

Create to captivate

It’s the subtle extras that charm, attract and hold the interest of the trail user, and provides enduring value for the land manager.

Informed design outcomes

We develop design outcomes based on the four pillars of good design, our experience, and that are inspired by the surrounding landscape; that acknowledge environmental and cultural values; and that are resilient and accepting of change.

Alert and aware

Alert to our actions, surroundings, the weather, and safely carrying out the task at hand. Aware of our own and other team members' actions and that safety is all our responsibility.

Stronger together

Our strength is in our team and our best is achieved when we work together.

Inspiring community

Working closely with local communities to create experiences that bring people together and inspire curiosity, enthusiasm and belonging.

Rock solid partnerships

Nurturing relationships, ensuring they flourish beyond individual projects into lasting alliances.

Do the difficult

Trail building is hard, but we do the difficult because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


In partnership with our clients, we’re proud to be recognised for these recent award-winning projects:


In partnership with our clients, we’re proud to be recognised for these recent award-winning projects:

Australian Institute of Landscape Design Managers (AILDM)

Walkabout Creek Junior Skills Area, The Gap

Outdoors Queensland (QORF)

Parklands MTB Trails Project & Bushrangers MTB Club

Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA)

Eastern Escarpment Experience, Redlands Coast

A Furphy Infrastructure Group company

Furphy Infrastructure Group (FIG) is the parent entity for Trailworx Australia and group of companies, specialising in the provision of community infrastructure products and services.

From design and engineering through to manufacturing, construction and maintenance, FIG’s products and services delivered through specialist entities respond to the diverse needs of Australian communities.

FIG services local and state government authorities; transport, education and property sectors collaborating with parks and gardens, roads, waste and capital works departments; landscape and building contractors; landscape architects; urban designers and developers, and have more than 180 years of combined industry experience.