OUR trails

We’ve created a wide range of trails to meet the needs of our clients.

Our unique trail design, quality in construction and technical expertise means we’ve created experiences that also inspire local communities and visitors to embrace the outdoors.


Our hiking and walking trails are ideal for both adventurers and nature enthusiasts, offering trails of varying difficulty while celebrating the surrounding natural beauty.

For more information about any of our projects, please reach out to our team.

Coastal Walk, Noosa National Park

Noosa, Sunshine Coast QLD

Trailworx partnered with Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) to enhance a section of the Coastal Track in Noosa National Park – a popular destination known for its stunning scenery. The project faced numerous challenges due to the park’s remote location, which necessitated the use of heli-lift operations to transport materials. The team coordinated closely with QPWS Rangers and the heli-lift operator to ensure safe and efficient methods. Over 20 hours, they transported almost 300 tonnes of construction material. Managing public access and enforcing stringent safety protocols were essential during the year-long construction period.

Scenic Rim Trail

Main range national park, QLD

From 2019-2020, Trailworx in partnership with Spicers Group and Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service, successfully completed the 50km Scenic Rim Trail – Queensland’s sole Great Walk of Australia. Overcoming diverse challenges like environmental preservation, rugged terrain and harsh weather, the project showcases a predominantly Class 5 walking track with a distinctive 7km UTV trail section. Innovative techniques were employed to navigate remote, overgrown rainforest areas, ensuring a sustainable UTV trail with minimised erosion.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services has awarded several construction contracts to Trailworx in recent years. Notably, Trailworx successfully completed the Daisy Hill Mountain bike trail network expansion project, fulfilling a State Government election commitment and earning accolades from the local MP, riding clubs, and the broader community. Throughout our partnership, Trailworx consistently met key performance indicators, including on-time milestone achievement, efficient resource allocation, timely administrative tasks and reporting, quality project.
Senior Project Officer at Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships & Department of Environment and Science
I am pleased to endorse Trailworx. Over 5 years, I’ve worked with them on various natural projects, and their performance consistently met high standards. They deliver on time, within budget and in line with Council’s expectations. Their professionalism, client focus, and commitment to safety and environmental standards are commendable.
Senior Project Manager at City Projects Office Brisbane Infrastructure and Brisbane City Council